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Wow Essay Writing Service>Blog   Outstanding College Essay Examples From Wow Essay Service A college essay example is a text written in prose, considered a literary genre, which exposes, examines, argues, explains, or evaluates any topic in an accessible way and with a personal vision. In general, this genre of texts is not governed by having a solid structure but seeks to expose an idea or opinion subjectively. We currently know an essay from the Latin “exagium,” and means to measure, weigh or put on the scales, has its origins in Greece. The same was considered an original proposal with different elements such as creation, generation, and innovation that started from basic knowledge to break the schemes. Nevertheless, we cannot talk about the history of this literary genre without mentioning the French writer Michel de Montaigne, who around one thousand five hundred and eighty years ago, apart from always and always having clear the peculiarity of this kind of texts, was the first to use the word. Sometime later, in fifteen hundred and ninety-seven more or less, the first essays of Francis Bacon began to be published, who followed in Montaigne’s footsteps and published his Essays that year, the first edition had ten essays. In contrast, the third and most extensive was published in sixteen hundred and twenty-five and consisted of fifty-nine essays. The two characters were the ones who established the first foundations of this genre. From the beginning, this kind of text was characterized by a violent and sometimes controversial tone, rooted in doubt, factors that may explain the reason for its appearance in seasons where conflicting tendencies coexisted. In this article, wowessays writers will mention and write some ideas where, besides the principal outstanding college essays examples, more specific subtopics are included that can be the main idea of any essay.

How to Start a College Essay Examples

To start writing a college essay examples, you should follow these tips that will help you capture your ideas and, ultimately, carry out a better piece. Take note of the six tips below:
  1. Think about the theme of your essay.
Regardless of how orderly the structure of the essay is, the topic in question should be very relevant. Your topic should address current issues and write with your target audience in mind. Check your local media and participate in a discussion of the issues. To find your essay topic, you can use a special application that generates topics based on your query.
  1. Research as much as you can about the topic you will be discussing.
Look for reliable sources from which to draw information for your essay. Indeed, in your neighborhood or city library, they can help you find the documentation you need. If you prefer to search for information on the internet, make sure if your teacher is for or against using Wikipedia as a source.
  1. Study other essays already written on the topic you have chosen.
Find essays written by professionals that deal with the topic you plan to develop and learn about styles, typologies, content.
  1. Don’t cover too many points.
The essay does not intend to exhaust all the possibilities of a topic but focuses only on its part. Avoid writing paragraphs and paragraphs from other aspects of the issue at hand.
  1. Use short sentences.
It will give dynamism to the text and keep the reader’s attention. It is a way to avoid boring your audience and that the ideas are concrete.
  1. Include reflections.
As objective as your wow essay should be, it is recommended that you include a paragraph that stimulates reflection and tries to change the reader’s perspective on the subject after the conclusion.

How should I structure the essay?

There is no predetermined structure. Each person can do it in a way that shows their personality, but don’t forget to be clear and get to the point: why this particular program and college and how it will help you meet your goals. You should show the turning points in life that helped you define the long-term goal, i.e., what critical moments in your experience led you to study this particular graduate degree. An essay should be balanced:
  • One or two paragraphs of your experience and preparation for graduate school.
  • Two sections of your short and long-term goals.
  • A concluding paragraph states why you are the right candidate for the program.
The first and last paragraphs are critical. People reviewing applications look at many essays, so you need to capture their attention and close robustly. It is recommended not to start by saying your name and what you want to study. Try to do something creative that will get the reader’s attention to want to read the essay. If you achieve this purpose and the rest of the requirements are met, you will likely be admitted. One way to capture attention is to establish a solid turning point about what led you to decide to reach that long-term goal without going on too long. And in closing, you should reiterate how vital the program will be in your life and why you want to be a part of it without going overboard. The themes of the essays are usually the author’s choice and therefore are considered unquantifiable. However, we can classify them according to the general theme that they adopt in their critiques:

Essay Examples for College on Philosophy

Philosophy Example by Wow Essay Image Source: https://fivemedia.com/articles/the-case-for-teaching-kids-philosophy/ When dealing with deep and emotional, humanistic, or informative themes, we deal with philosophical essays, which ancient thinkers most frequently developed. The following are essay college examples on philosophy written by our professional writers:
  1. Good Example Of Topics In Indian Philosophy Critical Thinking
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  3. Good Essay About Nietzsche Philosophy Objections And Morals
  4. Free Essay On Utopia In Philosophy And Literature
  5. My Personal Leadership Philosophy Research Paper Sample
  6. Good Uncovering Manifest Destiny:the History Of A Political And Moral Philosophy Essay Example
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  19. Philosophy Questions Course Work
  20. Free The Philosophy Of Martin Heidegger Essay Example
  21. Philosophy Of Communication Course Work Sample
  22. Course Work On Western Philosophy
  23. Sample Essay On Teaching Philosophy
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  26. Example Of Greek Philosophy, Music, And Art Course Work
  27. Good Essay On Philosophy of Religion
  28. Free Sample Essay on Nursing Philosophy
  29. Doctor of Philosophy McMinn Course Work
  30. Social And Political Philosophy And The Social Contract Course Work Example

Best College Essay Examples on Poetry

They are also usually developed with a critical character towards the poetic works of other great authors, highlighting their perfect verses and creative topics that they touched on in them. Through these texts, the essayist sought to clarify particular points about the works he addressed. With our essay examples for college students for poetry, you will become the most successful at writing these types of papers:
  1. Essay On Poetry Explication
  2. Course Work On Comparisons Between Short Stories And Poetry
  3. Poetry Essay Comparisons between ‘Localism or T/here’ and ‘Post Feminism’
  4. Poetry Comparison Essay Examples
  5. Example Of Dantes Divine Comedy-ancient Lyric Poetry-fate Essay
  6. The Poetry Of Mary Barnet Literature Review Example
  7. Poetry in music presentation creative writing examples
  8. Dulce Et Decorum Est – Poetry Analysis Essay Example
  9. Essay On Poetry
  10. Love Poetry Article Review
  11. Essay On Poetry by Emily Dickinson
  12. Example Of Essay On Poetry Writing
  13. Poetry Analysis Essay
  14. Poetry Essay Literature Review Example
  15. Langston Hughes And Paul Danbras Poetry And How It Influenced Today’s Music Research Paper Examples
  16. Poetry And Theory Essay
  17. Ginsberg’s Poem “Cosmopolitan Greetings” Essay Examples
  18. Essay On Poetry In American Advertising: The Imposition Of Memory
  19. What Defines A True Poet Essay Examples
  20. Free Essay About Poetry
  21. Free Poetry Essay Example
  22. Good Essay About Poetry The Realm Of Distinct Perceptions
  23. Good Essay About Poetry & Criticism
  24. Good Essay About Poetry
  25. Good Poetry Interpretation Paper Essay Example
  26. Poetry Or A Song Essays Example
  27. Evaluating And Interpreting Poetry Critical Thinking Examples
  28. Good Essay On Poetry Explication
  29. Good Example Of Essay On And Now I Want To Present My Own Piece Of Poetry
  30. Sample Critical Thinking On Poetry Analysis Paragraph

Free Essay Examples for College on Novels

Like the previous topic, this one is based on an opinion about certain long novels as a summary. The essayist describes the work from what he understood, giving references and recommendations about it. It should be noted that this is done without losing the artistic and subjective touch of literary essays. To successfully write a short story essay, you should read an example of college essay that will help you form an opinion on a particular topic:
  1. Novels: Brave New World And 1984 And Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep Essays Examples
  2. Characters In Novels: A Reflective Analysis Essays Example
  3. The Novels Essay Example
  4. Novels and History The Alienist & Underdogs
  5. Animal Farm Novel Essay
  6. 602 Words Short Essay on Novel
  7. Analysis of By the Shores of Silver Lake
  8. The Hunger Games Thematic Essay
  9. Example Of An Analysis Of The Novel The Great Gatsby Research Paper

Examples of a College Essay on General Topics

It is common to find an essay that has parts of these topics. That is to say. The general topic can talk about political criticism from a philosophical point of view. From there, essayists have total freedom to choose general issues to address throughout their work. All the points mentioned above are only references to the classifications given to literary essays according to their topics. We call them references due to the innumerable number of topics that can be addressed in these texts. We must also consider that all of them are developed, creating a strong Aesthetic-Logical link since they must possess the artistic beauty of the language without losing the logic and integrity of the arguments raised. Besides, it must not lose the subjective sense that welcomes them since it represents one of the essential characteristics of these essays. Combination essays offer a wide range of topic choices. To understand this type of essay in more detail, you can take a look at our essay for college examples:
  1. Essay On The Difference Between Emotional And General Intelligence
  2. Essay On Distinguish Among The Three General Theories Of Management Human Use Human Relations And Human Resources
  3. General Questions Base On Articles Course Work
  4. Essay On General Electric
  5. Switch General Questions Course Work
  6. Essay On General Estimate Requirements For Enterprise Telecommunications
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  22. Research Paper On Newtons Law Vs Albert Einsteins Theory Of General Relativity
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