How to Create a WOW Statement Essay

boy-writes-an-essay You can make a WOW statement in three sentences. It should be short enough to convey a single concept in thirty seconds. Use visual language and a catchy phrase to captivate your reader. Moreover, your statement must be true! If it is not, you will have a difficult time getting an audience’s attention. Creating a WOW statement can be quite easy. Compared to learning a 60-second speech, it is a much easier task. It focuses on capturing the company’s essence and creating interest in the audience. It can be spoken or written. However, it is best to have an outline before you begin. When writing a WOW statement, avoid jargon. It should be easy to understand for an average person. You do not want to make your audience guess. Use a conversational tone to show you know what you’re talking about. Don’t make it sound like you’re describing an obscure, complicated procedure. Your audience won’t appreciate your jargon or specialized terms. The ultimate goal is to sell, so it should be clear and easy to remember. While this might sound like a daunting task, it’s important to remember that over 90% of college essays are not “wow” essays. Many students gain admission to the 2000-plus four-year colleges in the US without writing a WOW statement essay. It doesn’t mean that students without a WOW statement essay aren’t qualified to attend top schools. Students with WOW statements have the edge over those with typical essays.

Narrative Structure

Narrative essays are essays about personal experiences and do not need a lot of research. They should be written in the first person and use “I” statements to emphasize the importance of the event. In addition, they should have a thesis statement and an outline. A call to action is also an excellent idea for this type of essay. A narrative essay should be exciting and elicit emotional responses from the reader. It should involve a challenge that the protagonist must overcome. The protagonist must be a relatable character facing a problem. Narrative essays should be well structured and follow the structure of a story. Narrative essays should have a point and make readers want to know more. It should also have a conflict and evoke the five senses. It should be written in clear language and avoid using flowery or formal language. It should also sense time and place and describe events in chronological order. A narrative essay should also have a moral. It should inspire the reader to learn, take risks, and not be afraid of challenges. For this purpose, it should follow the five-phased story structure. In addition, it should contain a thesis statement and hook.

Montage Structure

A WOW statement evokes a “tell me more” or “how do you do that?” response. It is a natural response that most people have in common with others. It comes from curiosity and instinct. It is as common as a handshake. In the film, montage is a technique in which independent shots are edited together to create a single idea. Eisenstein believed that meaning derives from juxtaposing these images and how they are combined. 

Specific Experience Essay

One of the best ways to write a WOW essay is to write about an experience that shaped you. While it may be tempting to write about something that happened when you were younger, it’s best to focus on something that happened when you were older. However, it is important to make your statement concise because fewer words will make a bigger impact. Also, remember that a wow statement is just a brief overview of your experience.