The Results of the American Revolution Essay

The American Revolution was mainly a political and ideological war in British America. This war led Americans to gain independence and establish their constitution. The main reason is that the war occurred from 1765 to 1781, and during this war, the Americans who lived in the British Thirteen Colonies were able to establish independent states that defeated the British (Clark 5). In this respect, an in-depth analysis of the significant results of the war is vital to understand how it led to the development of the US.

Some of the significant results of this war were the independence of America and the British mercantilism end in the country. After the war, Americans adopted the US constitution, which replaced the weak wartime Confederation. It established a relatively national solid government structured as a Federal Republic (Clark 12). It was also one of the first federal democracies established through the consent of the governed people.

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Likewise, the country was opened for trade with others after the defeat of the British during the war. The British government, before the war, practiced a mercantilism policy that aligned with the economic policies of major European powers at the time (Conti 196). Based on this system, they wanted to grow England’s political and economic capabilities by regulating commerce and restricting and limiting imports. The country was opened up for worldwide trade that the British initially dominated before the war. This trade later grew to include the resumption of trade with Britain, which further increased the progress of the US.

In summary, although the war had different outcomes, some were more significant than others. As a result, some of the most important effects of the war entailed the independence of America and increased trade upon the defeat of the British. Therefore, the formation of the US as a federation was a direct result of the war.

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