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Nervousness is a familiar feeling that most public speakers experience when presenting information to their audience. However, people like Harry who engage in public speaking are likely to feel more nervous than someone who has gone through the process before. Harry is concerned that he might forget his speech. For this reason, he is unsure if e should alert the audience of his nervousness.

One option Harry should consider about his situation is refraining from telling the audience about his nervousness. According to the Department of Communication University of Pittsburgh (2022), alerting the audience about the speaker’s anxiety does not change the fact that the novice speaker is nervous. Instead, it makes the audience uncomfortable and focuses on identifying the symptoms portraying the speaker’s nervousness instead of the message.

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Another option Harry should consider is frequently practicing with other people to help him build his confidence. One common saying promoted over the years states that “practice makes perfect.” The idea promoted by this saying is to encourage people to redo something many times until they become comfortable. The audience Harry uses to practice should be people who provide constructive criticism and suggest ideas to help Harry overcome his nervousness despite being a novice speaker.

Another option Harry should consider is accepting and using fear (Department of Communication, University of Pittsburgh, 2022). The first step to solving a problem is acknowledging it. It so happens that Harry has identified nervousness as his weakness. However, instead of fearing it might affect his performance, Harry should consider the alternative. In this case, Harry should develop a positive mindset and understand that being nervous is a common experience, even for experts in public speaking. Eventually, feeding the mind with a positive attitude can help Harry overcome his fear of public speaking.

Practicing breathing techniques is another option that Harry should consider to address his nervousness (Department of Communication, University of Pittsburgh, 2022). For example, public speakers are advised to take at least three deep breaths before they go on stage. Such a technique helps a person to calm their nerves. Alternatively, engaging in meditation could also help Harry relax before the day of the speech.

Suppose Harry’s audience was my public speaking class. I would advise him to find familiar faces in the crowd that would help him relax. In most cases, the familiar faces that support Harry are likely to nod in agreement and smile when appropriate (Department of Communication, University of Pittsburgh, 2022). Noticing such signs from the crowd will help Harry to feel more confident in his work and forget that he was anxious in the first place.

Finally, I would advise Harry to pick a topic that he understands and can share information with quickly instead of selecting a common yet complex subject that he cannot comprehend. The audience will feel more comfortable relating to the speaker if he understands the topic. Furthermore, selecting a topic that Harry understands better will also reduce his anxiety.

Harry should not feel ashamed of his anxiety. Instead, he should find strategies to implement that will help him overcome their nervousness. Practicing breathing techniques or meditation helps someone relax their muscles and mind. Alternatively, Harry should practice with his friends and other people who can offer constructive criticism on managing his anxiety. Overall, considering the abovementioned options plays a significant role in assisting Harry in overcoming the fear of public speaking, especially as a novice.


Department of the Communication University of Pittsburgh. (2022). Speech anxiety. Department of the Communication University of Pittsburgh.

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