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Prolactinoma is a noncancerous pituitary gland tumor. The tumor triggers the excess production of prolactin hormone by the pituitary glands. Prolactinoma’s significant effect is the decreased levels of testosterone and estrogen hormones (Haider et al., 2022).

The disorder contributes to roughly 40% of pituitary neuroendocrine tumors and is more prevalent among females of child-bearing age (Hage & Salvatori, 2020). While prolactinoma may not be life-threatening and can fail to show any symptoms or signs, the excess prolactin may disrupt an individual’s reproductive system, resulting in specific clinical manifestations in males or females (Fukuhara et al., 2022).In females, it can manifest through excessive body hair growth, vagina dryness causing painful intercourse, no or irregular menstrual periods, and milky breast discharge when not breastfeeding or pregnant. In males, it can cause Enlarged breasts, Erectile dysfunction, smaller muscles, and decreased facial and body hair. Infertility, brittle and weak bones, and loss of sexual urge are some of the symptoms common to both sexes.

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While there is little research concerning the cause of prolactinoma, the condition is more prevalent in women than men and rare among children. When diagnosing prolactinoma, healthcare providers must exclude other causes of hyperprolactinemia; magnetic resonance imaging is critical in pituitary neuroendocrine tumor detection (Fukuhara et al., 2022). The therapeutic intervention of prolactinoma involves using dopamine agonists to reduce tumor size and serum prolactin levels. Transcranial surgery and nasal surgery can also help address the condition.


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