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After navigating through the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) website, the diverticular disease has been selected for this discussion. Diverticular disease affects the large intestines. Although its cause is unknown, the disease occurs when tiny sacs or pouches form and bulge outwards through the weak spots in an individual’s colon causing bleeding, complications, or inflammation (NIDDK, n.d.). Its symptoms include diarrhea, constipation, bloating, and severe abdominal pain (NIDDK, n.d.). The intervention for the diverticular disease may include medicines, high-fiber foods, or a colectomy to remove some colon parts.

As mentioned, foods with high fiber content can be critical for individuals with diverticular disease. Contrarily, like NIDDK (n.d.), Watson (2021) asserts the need to refrain from red meat, noting that they increase the likelihood of developing the diverticular disease by 58%. Watson (2021) also suggests avoiding foods like seeds, popcorn, corn, and nuts, which are hard to digest and can cause inflammation. Consequently, a perfect dinner plate for a patient with diverticular disease would have to be fiber-enriched. A perfect dinner meal would include one cup of green peas, two medium Asian pears, and two ounces of tortillas. According to UCSF Health (2022), individuals should target at least 25 grams of daily fiber intake and consume plenty of water to soften their stool.

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The combination of food chosen offers a significant amount of fiber. According to NIDDK (n.d.), one cup of green peas contains 8.8 grams of fiber, two medium Asian pears have 13 grams, and two ounces of tortillas contain 5.6 grams, totaling 27.4 grams in a single meal. Suppose the patient had taken the least amount of fiber during breakfast and lunch. This dinner meal alone would ensure they surpass even UCSF Health’s (2021) minimum daily target recommendations, making it the perfect meal for patients with diverticular disease.


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