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Since the arrival of colonialists, the debate on whether a college education is worthwhile has dominated the headlines. On the one hand, some people believe that attending or obtaining a college education is not essential. However, on the contrary, others with dissenting views have maintained that it is worthwhile to obtain a college education. Both sides have cited various points to support their respective adopted position.

From a personal view, I think that it is essential to have a college education. Currently, I do not have any major because I have focused on general education. However, I have considered joining the medical field to attain as many long-term goals as possible to make a difference in many people’s lives. Therefore, I believe that attaining such goals would only be possible by obtaining a college education.

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One of the main reasons I believe a college education is essential is its various financial and career benefits. In other words, with a college education, one can earn as many dollars as possible in their life. People with a college degree are paid much higher amounts than their counterparts who have not attained such levels of education. The goal of every individual is to earn good money that can improve their lifestyle and help those close to them, such as families and relatives. Hence, with a college education, it is possible to earn many dollars to enhance one’s life and those around them.

Additionally, one is less likely to be unemployed with a college education, which is another benefit of having a college education. The world has become excessively competitive, especially given the drastic technological development witnessed over recent years. Therefore, most organizations and companies are interested only in hiring the most competent and qualified staff members. People that have acquired a college education have a sophisticated academic background that attracts most employers, hence putting them in a position to secure employment opportunities, and they can, therefore, not be unemployed. It is mainly because they have the required level of education, thus making them beneficial to most organizations. Finally, a college education is also important because it presents the opportunity to gain new experiences. For example, attending colleges away from one’s neighborhood enables one to explore and gain new experiences.

On the contrary, a college education can also be associated with various disadvantages,: debtsor student loans. It is important to note that college education is costly, and even though scholarships may help, they can only help ease future debts. For instance, as of September 2018, the total student loan was up to 1.44 trillion. It means that a college education hurts the economy and development of the country because the country struggles to settle such debts. Lastly, a college education is not that important because afterward, not everyone that attains a college education secures a suitable employment opportunity. It is evident because of the high unemployment rates that have been witnessed globally, even though most youths are college graduates with degrees and diplomas. Therefore, this means that despite attaining a college education, this still does not solve the rising unemployment problem.

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